MWA 124 - Tim Sway

What's in the Shop

  • Dyami
    • Entertainment Center Panels
    • The winning Hardwood Derby car
    • Failed shellac based whitewash
  • Sean
    • Once you go green (ya know what I mean?)
  • Tim
    • Breaking palm sander
    • CNC
    • Living Room Suite commission

Drillnado Giveaway

We're giving away a Drillnado. Tweet a Hiku about dust collection at the drill press including #Drillnado to be entered. We'll pick the one we like the best during episode 126.

Main Topic - Tim Sway

  • Making the most of reclaimed materials with in his shop (with his CNC)
  • Teaching his son, Vance about making and living
  • Teaching the world how to be more kind to the earth

Fortnightly Beer Choice

  • Sean: A tall pint can of water (Miller Lite)
  • Dyami: Dogfish Head Beer To Drink Music To '17
  • Tim: Evan Williams Kentucky Burboun

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