MWA 126 - Freddy Roman

What's in the shop

  • Dyami
    • Setting up another Dust Deputy
    • Puttying the nail holes of the Entertainment Center
    • Shipping the Table
    • A Vise . . .
  • Sean
    • Sander maintenance and roof repair
  • Freddy
    • Installing a TV lift in an existing Cherry Cabinet
    • M.I.T. Chair (even engineers have to sit)

Goings on in the M.W.A.

Main Topic - Freddy Roman

Drillnado Givaway

@RoBanJo won with a wonderful haiku and was gracious enough to pass on the Drillnado as he didn't need one.

poetry is dumb
#Drillnado is amazing
I want the damn thing
— @RoBanJo

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