The Bartop Arcade on The New Screen Savers

The hard work over the last few months has paid off and the Bartop Arcade is done. It was crated and shipped the last week in April. Now, it has finally arrived in Petaluma and +Jason Howell has taken it out of the crate.

With the help of +Aaron Newcomb and the others at +TWiT, he was able to wire the various buttons, balls, speakers and monitor to the wee Raspberry Pi 2.

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 14, 2016, our (mostly my) almost year long odyssy comes to an end. On +The New Screen Savers Jason will be reviewing the wiring and how to setup and run the bartop arcade. I'll on too, as a guest to discuss the carcass construction and how a bartop arcade need not be a sheet good box hidden by graphics.

I invite everyone to watch live at 6:00 pm Easter (3:00 pm Pacific) at or Of course you're also welcome to watch or listen after the fact. You'll find it anywhere podcasts are aggregated. Either way, this has been a fun project and I'm excited to be able to share it with my new friend Jason.

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