Nick's Berger Board: Part VI

Building a skateboard using a simple bent lamination technique was a fun and exciting build. I knew it would be interesting the minute I opened up Matt Berger's wonderful book, The Handmade Skateboard.

The Berger Board skateboard I build my cousin Nick for his wedding.
As I documented in my earlier Berger Board posts, it proved to be a very enjoyably and enlightening process.

In this, my final post on the construction of my Berger Board, I present my time lapse of the entire process. It's running very fast, and doesn't take long, though the actual build took me about 20 hours including the construction of the torsion box press and all the time thinking and planning. You'll see I refer to the book constantly as I'm assembling the board, and I can't recommend it enough a guide to building a skateboard.

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