Nick's Berger Board: Part V

The final step before finish was the graphic. Since my cousin Nick (who the Berger Board was for) is a graphic designer, he has his own personal logo. I had another graphic designer friend of mine add Nick’s Fiancée’s initials and the wedding date to the logo. Then I used the ink jet photo transfer technique I learned about from Steve Ramsey at Woodworking for Mere Mortals. I was extra careful to apply the graphic square to the veneer and it turned out excellent.

For finish, I used a shop mixed wiping varnish, 50% Minwax polyurethane, 50% mineral spirits. Because I was rushed on time, I experiment with Japan dryer, adding it to the 2nd and 3rd coats. I can’t say I noticed it speed things up, but I managed not to ruin anything with it.

Laying out the logo.
The first four (4) coats came out nicely. The last coat was the one with grit added to it for better traction to the top of the board. While the polyurethane of this coat came out as well as the others, the grit didn’t. Even though I mixed it according to the instructions, I found that it didn’t apply evenly. Some spots had tons of grit, while others had almost none.

Ready for finish.
Post finish.
After the finish dried I gave the non-grip covered surfaces of the board a final wipe down with a synthetic steel wool and attached the hardware. Never having assembled skateboard trucks, bearings and wheels, I found it a straightforward and simple task.

The board is finish!
Then I wrapped up the skateboard in towel and packed it in my truck.

Have Berber Board, Will Travel.
At Nick and Alana’s wedding the skateboard was the talk of the gifts and just about everyone who knew me came up and complimented me on it. I’m especially glad that Nick and Alana both liked it. It’s been added to the skateboard display in their apartment.

Dylan signs the guest book next to the Berger Board.
The finished board in all it's glory.
Thankfully, it was appreciated.

Building the Berger Board was a lot of fun and I learn techniques I had never tried before. Even though I don’t skate I think I’ll be building more skateboards and I know I’ll be incorporating these techniques in my future work.

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