Makers Radio on the interwebs

Makers Radio is an artisanal handmade podcast about makers, artists, tinkerers, and creatives.

Yes, it’s produced in Brooklyn, but it’s still an awesome show.

Makers Radio is a podcast by Leonard Reese and Tyler Jones. Leonard is a visual artist and Tyler is a woodworker. In some episodes the hosts chat between themselves about design and creativity. In other episodes we listen to a guest discuss an creative endeavor of their own.

While both formats are interesting, I was particularly fond of their recent episode titled Fear of Space. While discussing the specifics of web design, their critique is relevant to much more (as it often is). I particularly enjoyed the example of which they used.

You can find them at or subscribe in the usual podcast places. Makers Radio is a well produced interesting show and I’d recommend you check them out.

p.s. – In season 1, episode 2, Noah builds a wooden boat.

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