Carley Eisenberg’s Iron Mountain Forge

Over the summer, while traveling to my Cousin’s wedding, I was lucky enough to be able to stop by Carley Eisenberg’s (relatively) new shop. The new home of Iron Mountain Forge is in Providence, Rhode Island in an old industrial building on the bank of a small river. The site is a delightful combination of industrial and tranquil.

The space was tranquil, until my wife and I showed up with our three (3) kids in tow.
The same cannot be said of the inside. For once you step into the building and cross the threshold of the loading bay you into an artist’s space. Then another artist’s space. Then another, and another and another.

While the floorplan is open, the space is divided up between many local artists and craftsman. Carely is of course the coolest of them all, but many of them seem amazing.

Carley, in the heart of her shop.
Carley’s space is relatively open. She’s between a bunch of woodworkers who appear to be good shop mates.

The core of Carley’s shop is her forge. While it’s seen better days, it gets the job done heating and allowes her to craft some dam fine metal work.

The forge is the center of Carley's metal work.
The brunt work of her shop is done by this giant Big Blu power hammer, a recent beast to suppliment the homemade one she’s been using for years.

The old.
The new.
The shop was a bit dirty when we visited, but we brought in the big guns to take care of it.

A clean shop is a happy shop.
Carley’s shop was cool and getting a chance to talk with her in person was even cooler. Check out Carley’s work at, follow her on Twitter or listen to the great podcast we had with her.

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