MakerCast with Jon Berard

A few weeks ago Jon Berard was kind enough to interview me for his MakerCast podcast.

MakerCast is a podcast that seeks out makers of things and celebrates their uniqueness, skill-set and drive. If you've not listened and subscribed to MakerCast, you should. Jon has talented woodworkers and other makers on as guests. He has chatted with people such as +Kyle Toth and Carley Eisenberg, two of many makers who are more talented than I am.

You can check Jon's interview with me here. Once you check it out, I'd suggest you subscribe as Jon's interviews are excellent.

Don't forget about the +Modern Woodworkers Association Podcast. We talk woodworking with Guests from around the world of woodworking every other week. Subscribe to the RSS feed or iTunes today.

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