It's Not Too Late for Woodworkers Fighting Cancer

Sometimes I suck. I let stuff get in the way and important things languish or just don't get done.

While I fear regular posting to this blog falls in the languishing category, I'm really kicking myself for not supporting Woodworkers Fighting Cancer sooner.

My Wife's (& My) favorite mug. She likes it so much, I'm not allowed to use it.

It's an annual event Marc puts on to raise money and awareness of cancer. While it's a laudable benefit which anyone should support, given how close to home cancer has struck, I would be remiss if I didn't step up and lend help.

While I don't have time to build along (this time of year I rarely do), you can and should. For each person who builds the project by November 30th, The Wood Whisperer will donate $5.00 to the Cancer Research Institute.

If you can't build along either, you can support the cause through a Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Shirt or Mug (the Mugs are awesome) or by donating directly here.

You can learn all there is about the event on Marc's site here, or in his Woodworkers Fighting Cancer 2015 Announcement video below.

Now, you've still got a month. Go build your kids table and chair set and make a video of it to double the donation.

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