The Is No Cheating.

I drive a lot for work. When I do, I tend to alternate my listening between audio books and podcasts. An audio book typically takes me between a few days and a week to finish. When I'm done with the book I pick back up with the podcasts. Because of this alternation, I'm sometimes a week or so behind in my podcasts.

When I recently listened to Wood Talk #263, I was excited to hear the guys jump into a topic which is dear to my heart. I was even more excited by Shannon's wonderful opening comments.

To put it in my words: There is no wrong way to woodwork.

Woodworking as a hobby or craft is so wonderful because there is no wrong way to do it. There is no cheating. I don't even think there are shortcuts - for what are short cuts? To me, short cut has a negative connotation. It implies a necessary step has been shortened or skipped altogether.

A necessary step? In woodworking? There are no necessary steps. Only the steps you feel you should make. Did you enjoy making it? Does it serve its purpose? Is it an expression of you? Then you have succeeded my friend. You've not cheated or taken any shortcuts. You simply woodworked.

Now, simply listen. Think. Go woodwork.

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