Bartop Arcade Carcass: Part I, Relative Sizing

I spent much of Sunday beginning on the Bar Top Arcade Carcass project. I'll be building the wooden carcass and installing all of the electronic hardware, then sending it to a friend for wiring and setup.

Laying out the controls on the bench was the first step of determining how wide the carcass needs to be.

This first day was about sizing. Though I have a set of plans which I'm using a rough guide, the carcass needs to be individually sized around the control layout and monitor. Since Jason is adding a roller wheel which wasn't in the plans, the carcass I'm building is wider. I think it may be taller also, but the plans are in cm and I can't think that way. Rather than convert them to inches, I simply measured the monitor we'll be using and went from there.

Steeling relevant dimensions from the plans.

Making sure that the cable connections won't interfere with each other.

I marked out the monitor surround panel in full scale on a piece of hard board.

To my surprise, the hardest part was figuring out to to display graphics on the marquee area without distorting them to fit the long narrow shape.

I cut out the Marquee template. It's about 4-3/4" tall by 24-3/4" wide.
The graphic will need to be long in order to display without looking stretched.

Next, I'll finish the full size drawings, calculate just how much lumber I need and begin to mill it up.

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