Dave's Trophy, Part IV

Finally, I wrapped up Dave's Trophy. Once the finish was done, all that remained was to glue it up.

Dry fit and ready.

As I mentioned in Part II, I used Marine Silicone Adhesive to attach the beer bottle columns to the walnut tiers. I did this as four (4) separate glues up.

First I glued the column bottoms to bottom tier with the middle tear dry fit to provide a clamping surface.

Gluing the columns to the bottom tier.

Then I glued the column tops to the middle tier. That was followed by the column bottoms to middle tier and finally the column tops to top tier.
Gluing the columns to the underside of the top tier.

The pub mug is loose fit, as they say they may still want to be able to drink from it.

Finished and ready for the big league.

Now to wrap it up an deliver the trophy to Dave.

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