Dave's Trophy, Part III

Once I had cut the recesses for the columns and pub mug, I thought Dave's Trophy was almost done. Then I spoke with Dave.

So close - and yet - not quite done.

It seems the pub plans to attached the League Winner's name to the Trophy each season, as they do with the Stanley Cup. As it stood, my design did not leave anywhere to attach names.

The solution was to add a base below the bottom tier. To create the base, I pulled one of the last pieces of 4/4 walnut from my wood collection and milled it flat. Then I cut it into three (3) pieces and put a 120 degree bevel on the end of each one. Using the tried and true blue tape clamping method, I glues these three (3) lengths of Walnut into a triangle for the base.

A quick and dirty sketch confirmed Dave and I were on the same page.
Waiting for the glue to dry.

When the base glue was dry, I traced the outside curve from the corners of the tiers onto the corners of the base. Then I took it over to my bandsaw and cut the curves. I was amazed at how well they came out. With a touch of additional shaping and sanding with my RO90 they looked gorgeous.

Fresh off the band saw.
Fresh off the RO 90.

Because it wasn't a true miter joint - and so much of the glue joint was cut away when I rounded the corners - I took epoxy and buttered the inside of each joint for additional strength.

I added an abundant amount of epoxy to reinforce the hidden side of the joint.

Once that had dried, I took the finished base and applied a thin bead of PVA glue along it's inside edge (to minimize glues squeeze out). A few clamps later, and the base-to-bottom tier glues joint was drying. I reinforced the glue joint with screws, strategical placed in the recesses for the column bottom.

The screws which were driven through the bottom tier into the base within the column recesses are hard to see, even without the columns.

With the base attached to the bottom tier, finally the woodwork was done and it was time to finish. For this I used spray lacquer from a rattle can. I applied four (4) coats to the bottom and six (6) coats to the top.

Looking good, mid finishing.

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