I Cut My Table Saw Rails

I have a rather run of the mill Delta Contractor's saw. It's a good saw from the days when Porter-Cable Delta was it's own company and I have cast iron wings. There's not much to rave about, but neither is there much to complain about.

This is actually the same saw Shannon Rogers used to have.

Yet, one thing I did complain about was how much room the fence rails took up. The saw came with a Delta T-Lock fence (its very similar to a Biesemeyer, but not quite as substantial). I like the fence, but the 32" capacity was never used and it meant the saw sat well off the wall due to the fence length. Since I have a track saw, I can't remember the last time I made a rip bigger than 12" or 16".

Inspired by Mathew Teague's 2006 Small Shop Article in a One Car Garage in Fine Woodworking, I finally took my Hackzall to the fence rails and took 5.5" off the end.

I actually cut the back rail by hand first . . . stupid.

This wins me 5.5" of width next to the table saw and leave me with a little more than 25" rip capacity.

Not much, but this 5.5" will go right into the available space next to the saw.

While I might not have been so willing to do this if I didn't have a track saw, I can't think of any negative impact this could have in my work flow, and the added space is already appreciated.

25" inches should be plenty of capacity.

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