Dave's Trophy Part II

Dave's Trophy is a traditional, yet tacky trophy made for a fantasy football league. When I last left off, I had constructed the three (3) tiers from walnut and I was deciding how to attach the columns.

Now, how to attach the columns?
I decided on milling recesses in the walnut to house the top and bottom of the glass columns, almost like mortises. After some testing showed that the grain of the wood was the weakest link, I concluded that Marine Silicone Adhesive would make the best adhesive between the glass and wood.

To create the recesses, I used forstner bits. Though I had to buy oddly sized bits in order to fit the bottom and top of the beer bottles snugly, they were worth it. The final fits were nice and snug.

The perfect fit for the bottom of the beer bottle columns.
The top was different. Instead of using a painted beer bottle (as I had for the columns), I was using a branded pub mug to crown the trophy. It was about 4" in diameter. I couldn't find an appropriately sized forstner bit. The ones I found which were close were way too expensive. I settled on a hole saw.

Good at it looks, this setup just didn't have the power to do it.
Even the hole saw was problematic. Given the large diameter and high friction of the hole saw, it would disengage my drill press chuck from the shank before it would cut into the walnut. That led me to bring out the big guns and I was finally able to cut the recess edge with the hole saw in my right angle drill. There is a reason it's my favorite power tool. I then used a router to clean out the center of the recesses so that the pub mug would fit.
The big gun.
The recess was defined by the hole saw.
I used the router to remove the center.
Ready for the mug.
A perfect fit.
After sanding the three (3) tiers to 220, all that was left was to finish them and glue in the columns.

Dry fit and ready to be finished?

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