Sitting On The Dusty Fence

I recently listened to the 360 Woodworking Podcast #47 - Dust Collection. In in, Glen & Chuck discuss their thoughts on dust collection.

360 Woodworking's Example of a beast that's hard to collect dust from.

They talk of how it's nice, but often too much work and/or too much money.

While I know they're speaking from a production reality where time is money and a cleaner shop doesn't let them raise their prices, I was still surprised by their ambivalence towards dust collection.

On the one hand, they spoke of the high expense of putting in a custom system in a production shop (it is expensive). On the other hand, the spoke of production equipment which needed industrial dust collection to keep clear and working.

I suppose it's easier for me, as I don't have to justify every shop investment on a balance sheet. However, now that I'm working in a shop with decent dust collection I'm not sure that I could ever go back. As much work as my Bastard Dust Collector and CT / Dust Deputy setups were, I don't think I could go back to a shop that spewed dust everywhere.

For this, I think their production reality adds to my argument. The more you're in the shop, the more dust you deal with, the more important dust collection is.

To each their own, I guess. Even with my surprise to their opinions of Dust Collection I'll say that Glen and Chuck are nice guys and build amazing furniture. They're a blast at White Castle too.

Weather you collect dust or don't, take a look at You'll see a ton of great content through the dust.

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