A Trophy For Dave: Part I

My good friend Dave asked me to make a trophy for his fantasy football league early last year. Never one to rush into things, I flirted with it and thought about it and considered it (and worked on other projects) for about 10 months before finally jumping in with some mock ups earlier this year. Since then I’ve been spending much of the little shop time I’ve had on the trophy.


The design Dave and I settled on is a traditional trophy design with multiple tiers supported by three columns each. As I’m a woodworker, I chose a choice walnut board for the tiers. The walnut I’m using has some wild grain running down the middle, so in order to keep it centered I edge glued more walnut to both sides to reach the width I needed. As I’m tacky, I convinced Dave that the only fitting columns would be ones made of a gold painted beer bottle.

I actually began by painting the bottles gold. I used Dos Equis because their bottles have no emblems and once the paper labels are removed, they are perfectly smooth. After a thorough washing and a trip through the dishwasher on sterilize, I used a coat of Krylon Fusion as primer, then a generic Gold colored spray paint to achieve the tacky column finish.

All that glitters is gold.

For the tiers I began with the triangles I has cut by eye for the mock up. I used my compass and laid out an actual equilateral triangle about the same size as the mock up out of ½” plywood. I cut out the triangle on the band saw and then used the compass to mark out rounded ends. These were cut on the band saw and their faired on with a belt sander. 
The design we chose.

Finally I used this template to mark out two (2) tiers in Walnut. I cut these on the band saw and faired them on the belt sander too.

One the two (2) big tiers were cut, I went through the same process for the small tier.

Glues up  the tier blanks.
The tier blanks off the bandsaw.

The curves are faired.

Then I began to consider how I would seat the columns . . . 

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