Matt & Matthew & Paul

The Matt and Matthew show is a relatively new woodworking video series from +Matthew Cremona and Matthew Morris (+MM Wood Studio). They’re both wonderful woodworkers and their show us informative and entertaining. I’m also impressed by their editing.

Sanding that shape on Lill's Quilt Rack

Paul Lemiski of +Canadian Woodworks was a recent guest of the Matts. We’ve spoken with Paul before on the Modern Woodworkers Associationpodcast and he’s always a great interview. During His talk with Matt & Matthew, Paul spent quite a bit of time thoroughly explaining the sanding regimen he uses on his custom, sculpted pieces. I found myself constantly pausing the video and switching to OneNote to take notes on his method. I plan to follow Paul’s sanding regimen when it comes time to sand the walnut components of Dave’strophy. I’ll also certainly be using it for the upcoming Sculpted Rocker GuildBuild.

If you ever sand, especially if you sand sculpted pieces, this interview is a must watch. If you don't sand, then you should. Sculpted woodworking is awesome.

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