Doug's Bench Part VI: The Finish

When it took it out of the clamps, Doug’s Shoe Bench was almost done and almost due. It was just before Christmas I needed to have it 100% finished and ready for presentation on 12/25. That lead me to spray lacquer, one of the quickest finished I know of.

All finished, except for the finish.

When I tested spray lacquers last year to see which finish looked best on a spalted maple backpack rack I made, I settled on Deft Gloss Clear Wood Finish as the rattle can spray lacquer brand with the best combination of finish and ease of use. It worked well on Doug’s Shoe Bench too.

I find the spray lacquer easy to apply, as long as I’m careful not to put it on too thick. As with rag and brush applications, more thin coats are better than fewer thick coats.

Bottoms up!

I began with the Shoe Bench upside down and gave it 3 coats to the bottom and inside face of the legs. Once the bottom was dry, I flipped it over and gave the top and outer legs and arm 5 coats. I would have preferred to get to 8, but I was running out of time.

Looking good.

After the last coat had dried for 24 hours, I went over the entire thing and buffet it out with 0000 synthetic steel wool. Then, with a quick vacuuming, the bench was done.

The gloss lacquer adds a wonderful juxtaposition of flatness and gloss.

I attached a bow and the next day, carried it in to give to my Dad when he came over for Christmas dinner.

Finished and ready to present.
The rest of Doug's Shoe Bench

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