A Wooden Glide and Sway

I'm a huge fan of my Bosch Glide Saw. I've had it since it was introduced and I think it is hands downs the best miter saw on the market. It's more compact than the Kapex and right out of the box it cut more accurate miters than my Incra Miter gauge does.

My love of the Bosch Glide prompted my interest in the DIY Glide Mitre Saw video by +Savvas Papasavva.  I agree with his final assesment, but man-oh-man, it is a cool device he built.

This weekend I also played with Microsoft's new member of the Office family, Sway. Sway is kind of like PowerPoint, but not really. You can check out the Sway I made by following the link below.

My First Sway.

This is just my first try, and its of a project you've all seen already, but I think this Sway thing has potential. I'll certainly be trying it out more in the future.

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