Get The Webelos Woodworking

This year my twins are Webelos Ones. They picked up their Webelos badge at February Pack Night and they're racing towards their Arrow of Light. For Activity Badge instruction, we're deviating slightly from the Arrow of Light Path and working on the Craftsman.

Though every Activity Badge is designed to prepare the boys  for being responsible, self-reliant citizens, the Craftsman is close to my heart because it teaches the boys to build. In order to fulfill the Craftsman Achievement the Weblos need to build two (2) useful items out of wood, One (1) display and four (4) useful items out of non-wood materials.

I started with what I know and we began with the wooden items. The Webelos book places a major emphasis on teaching the boys to cut. So that's what we did. Six Boys. Two coping saw. Two curved napkin holder sides each.

Cut boys, cut.

After an hour and a half of cutting we had 12 curved sides and 6 tired boys. This week we'll work on glue up and assembly with loose brad nails.

It's a bit of an arduous task, but the boys seemed to like it when they weren't complaining about how tired the sawing made them. I think that once the napkin holders are assembled and put to use they'll take pride in having built it themselves. I hope this pride outweighs their general indifference towards napkin holders.

The workmate proved a well useful bench for the Webelos.

Over the coming weeks we will build a small (ugly) wooden wall shelf (from the Webelos book) and a wooden Pinewood Derby display stand. Then we turn our attention to two leather crafts and to of clay. When we're done the boys should have true appreciation for making something themselves. Hopefully they'll have the woodworking bug too.

If you have kids in your life, or just interested adults, share the craft we love. If we don't teach them to woodwork, who will?

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