Chad Can Do It, So Can You

Popular Woodworking has a long running section in each issue called I Can Do That (ICDT). Each article tackles the construction of a straightforward project build using a small and easily attainable tool kit.

Recently, PopWood has upped their ICDT game with the addition of a video series. The ICDT videos are hosted by +Chad Stanton of Stanton Fine Furniture, American Woodworker Magazine and Wood Choppin' Time.

I've read the ICDT articles for years and recently watched the first ICDT video with Chad. The video adds a great, instructive element to the articles and while not as tongue in cheek as many of the videos Chad is known for, he is comfortable in front of the camera and puts the viewer at ease with a paced instructional tone that teaches as it entertains.

While these ICDT videos are intended for beginners, they're worth checking out for everyone. You never know when you'll need a small table you can make in a day rather than a masterpiece you can build in a few months.

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