Funeral Chair Construction Completion

Well dear reader, how the time has flown since we last discussed the Funeral Chair. In my most recent post about the chair build, I talked about how after sanding all of the pieces, I realized I had forgotten to round the bottoms of the legs. That led me back to my band saw and RO-90.

Round, as they should be.

In my post on the Modern Woodworkers Association I talked about how the Dominoes and Gorilla Wood Glue allowed me to get the necessary strength out of the small leg to stretcher joints. I also talked about how the order of glue up was so important.

Completing the glue up brings us an assembled chair that still needs a bit of work to be completed.

Out of the clamps, the Funeral Chairs are almost there.

The first thing I did after taking the chairs out of the clamps was some parging with epoxy. I used Gorilla Epoxy tinted with blue TransTint to fill in some tear out on one of the seat edges as well as some of the larger voids in Timerstrand of the seat surface. I also filled in the gap between the leg and back of the chair of which I cut the back off of, only to realize I had installed it properly originally.

A gap here, a gap there. Made no more with epoxy.

Once the epoxy had dried I sanded it flush, vacuumed and wiped the chairs down with a tack cloth. This completed the chairs’ construction. All that was left was to finish them.

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