Woodpecker's Finally Adds 6" & 8" Try Squares

I've ranted about the wonder of marking that is a Woodpecker Try Square since I received my first one many years ago.

My Woodpecker Try Square Collection.

I began with their standard 1281 model of 12" square. Then as they produced 26", 18", 6" & 8" models as One Time Tools, I added them to my collection. I find them all indispensable and I find the 6" and 8" models the most used in my shop.

Unfortunately, all but the original 12" were One Time Tools, made in very limited quantity.

Recently Woodpecker's has changed that. There new model 851 and 641 Try Square are 8" and 6" respectively. They're not part of the standard square lineup. This means greater distribution and consistent availability.

The new 851 & 641.

If you've not used a Woodpecker's Try Square yet, you should. I'd suggest starting with the 641. It's the smallest investment and it's small size makes it the most useful.

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