Sharp Edge, Part II: The First Chisel

I've finally setup my Sharp Edge sharpening system and I was able to use it to sharpen a 1/2" chisel.

The Sharp Edge and its components.

My initial results are positive, if conditional.

Setting up the Sharp Edge is easy. First I made a small platform out of scrap wood which I screwed the Sharp Edge too. The platform was then clamped into my end vise to lock the Sharp Edge down.

The board on the bottom is easily clamped.

Then I Just set the angle, stick in the appropriate diamond stone into the magnetic holder and add the spacer to center the blade and your done. It takes but a few seconds.

Now the Sharp Edge is ready to go.

The first thing I noted when sharpening the chisel was that the edge of the chisel was out of square. That mean I began with the 200 grit stone and worked it for a while, until the marker I had placed on the tip was worn off all the way across. This resulted in a rather large area, so I then adjusted the angle up slightly to 27° or 28°.

Form there I went through the included grits of 200, 400, 800 and 1500 grit stones followed by 9 micron file, 5 micron film and 3 micron film. Between each grit, I placed the stone in the included holder and de-burred the back of the chisel.

The chisel was hard to focus on, but the marker is sharpened off.

Though it took longer than expected, the result was a very sharp chisel. I suspect the time taken was due to the chisel having been out of square. The Sharp Edge is really a honing tool after and not really for shaping. If the blade is already square and simply needs to be re-honed, I suspect the Sharp Edge will be lightening quick.

I will continue to use the Sharp Edge and will post Part III once I've had some time to run a number of blades through it.

You can learn more about the Sharp Edge here.

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