Fine Colored Outlet Covers

While recently renovating my shop I spent an inordinate amount of time on the electric. I now have three (3) 20 amp 120V lines and four (4) 20 am 220V lines. I wanted to run every conceivable combination of equipment (and for now, electric heater) and never worry about blowing a fuse.

It starts with a plan.

After wiring the abundance of wall outlets so that they switch from one (1) circuit to the next circuit to the next circuit as they go down the wall, I wanted to come up with an easy way of visually identifying which circuit each outlet belonged to.

At first, I planned on buying outlets in (3) different colors. As I was pricing them out, I found that this was prohibitively expensive. Instead, I decided to color code the outlet covers. This was easy and cheap to do. I bought them all in white, then I used cans of green and blue plastic spray paint to color code the covers for two (2) of the circuits. I left the third circuit white.
Beautiful page 13.

I though this was a slick way to avoid blowing fuses, and I was excited yesterday when I received my contributor copy of the 2015 Fine Woodworking Tools & Shops issue to find that they did too. Turn to page 13 and you'll see my colorful outlets. Also, if you're an FWW Online member, you can see it here.

In the corner you can see 2 blue outlets, two white outlets, 1 green outlet
& one 220 outlet which hasn't been connected yet.

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