Dave's Back!

Anyone who's listened to the +Modern Woodworkers Association podcast has heard me talk about the impact Dave Noftz's wonderful Modern Woodshop podcast had on me. More than any other source, Modern Woodshop is what drove my desire to contribute to the online woodworking community.

Over the summer, when I wrote about the woodworking podcasts I listen to, Modern Woodshop had the place of honor in my post.

Today on Twitter I heard news that made my day.

In his first post on the new site, Dave discusses the tone and intent of the new site. It looks like he's back to his wonderful editorial voice.

After reading the post, I immediately tweeted to Dave.

Dave hasn't gotten back to me yet, but I remain optimistic. Please let Dave know if you miss the Modern Woodshop and join me in welcoming him back to the online woodworking community.

I'm very excited to see what he has planned at lessordinary.net. Hopefully we'll be speaking with him soon.

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