Sal's Clock: Part II, Time To Start Over

Last month I wrote about the clock I was restoring for my friend, Sal. I wrote about the chip I was fixing and about how even though my color match was good, the pieces I'd fit in to fix the chip didn't actually fit all that well.

Sal's clock with the first two misfit patched applied.

I spent most of last month futzing with different wood fillers, trying to find the one that would take the dye the best. After some experimenting both off and on the clock I finally realized what I should have known initially: I'd never be happy filling around the misfit pieces.

As often happens, trying to make a mistake work only makes it worse.

Last week I resolved to start over. I took the boards I had initially used as dye samples, flipped them over and sanded them. Then I applied 4 coats of General Finishes Dark Brown Dye. This brought me back to the correct base color. Next I'll apply two (2) think coats of lacquer.

Once they're lacquered the hard part will begin. I need to rip out the pieces I've already glued in, leaving the hole clean. Then I need to properly fit in the new dyed board.

These boards should yield the new patch.

Hopefully it will go well and I'll be able to move the clock out of my shop.

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