Inside Baseball

I do my best (and often fail) to keep the blog to woodworking and not the distractions which keep me from woodworking. Unfortunately, September has proven to be one hell of a month full of distractions. Between the stress of the kids starting back in school, camping with the Cub Scouts, becoming a Cub Scout Den Leader and the ever time consuming beast that is work, I don't think I've managed more than 10 minutes in the shop this month.

While absolutely rewarding, I'd rather have spend this weekend at WIA14.

I feel even more guilty that these distractions have kept me from the blog. I've been averaging over two (2) posts per week since January, 2013. I find writing here and sharing with the community a labor of love (I did minor in English with a focus on writing). Since September 6th, I've been bad to my love.

I like new roofing technology demonstrations more than the next guy.
Still, this is no shop time.

Based on a post I read today, it looks like +Vic Tesolin is in a similar boat (though I'll not vouch for his affection for writing). Vic's been tied up doing conference with +LeeValleyTools, planing the Woodworks Conference and writing a book. All are more fun than most of what I've been doing.

With this post, I'm working to return to my twice weekly posts. With any luck, the next few weeks will bring more shop time and writing time than the last few.

I hope you're getting time in your shop. Go build something.

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