Who I'll Miss at WIA14

As listeners of the Modern Woodworkers Association podcast know, I'll be missing Woodworking in America for the first time in many years. Unfortunately it coincides with my youngest's birthday and my oldests' first Webelos camping trip.

As I'm weeping over the posts of fun and woodworking I'll be reading from afar, there are a few classes I'll particularly miss.

On Friday Will Neptune will be talking about Curved Work in Furniture. Will is a great instructor and this should be a wonderful class.

On both Friday and Saturday, Wilbur Pan will be presenting. Japanese Chisels and Japanese Saws for Western Woodworkers on Friday and Japanese Planes: More than just a backward moving pretty face on Sunday. I've attended earlier versions of these lectures, and I assure you that Wilbur not only knows what he's talking about, he knows how to share it.

While I think these highlights of the classes are enough reason to go, it's really your fellow attendees that make WIA such a must attend event. Where else would you make friends from another country kind enough to send you pictures of you a child?

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