The Sucking, Park VI

In between working on the Funeral Chair and Sal's Clock, I continue plugging along on what I've come to call the Bastard Dust Collector.

The Rockwell Dust Boy.

The design I'm looking to build consists of cannibalizing one of the Dust Boys to connect the motor and impeller directly to the Super Dust Deputy and then add an after market pleated filter. Rather than take apart the new-ish Dust Boy I currently have setup for dust collection, I instead took the motor / impeller unit off the older, Rockwell Dust Boy collector I still had in the attic. This older one seems to be the same spec as the newer one providing a 2 HP 220V motor and 3450 RPM.

So far I've managed to take the motor / impeller off of the drum lid and order a 7" to 6" reducer, which will let me to connect it to the Super Dust Deputy. Once the adapter arrives, I'll work to turn into into the sucking, bastard of a vacuum I'm expecting.

This intake will get connected directly to the Super Dust Deputy.

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