The (Ply)Wooden Boat, Part VI: The Video

I've spent this past week as I have every first week in August for the last 30+ years, on a week long family reunion with my Dad's siblings and the associated cousins. For the last 20 or so of those years we've been coming to Lake George. Though I didn't get a chance to build anything this week, I did finally get a chance to edit the video of the plywood boat I made while on vacation here in 2012.

The boat on the wild seas of Lake George.

In the video I describe how the boat was made and show its launch and use.

I also have video of it being assembled, which I did not include. I found the assembly video a bit on the long side. If there's interest, I'll gladly publish it. Please let me know though, as I'm guessing there won't be.

You can read the (Ply)Wooden Boat blog posts covering its construction here, if you're interested.

Should you find yourself on vacation near a lake, I'd suggest making the boat as it was a very enjoyable project.

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