The Funeral Chair Joinery

On Sunday I managed to finish the joinery on the Tom Fidgen funeral chair.

All milled and joined. Ready for some sanding.

It consisted of routing out a slot in the rear legs to accommodate the slide, drilling for hinges in both sets of legs and the seats, notching the legs for the front stretcher,  and cutting dominos in the legs, stretchers and back.

Laying out the leg slots by relatively marking off of the stretcher with
the roto hinge dry fit.

It was fairly straightforward work and I managed to only make one error, drilling out for a set of leg hinges on the wrong side of the leg. This was simply fixed by filling the mistaken hole with epoxy and then drilling out the correct side once it dried.

The mistaken holes filled with epoxy.

Google+ made a story of the photos I took. Unfortunately, I can't embed the story, but you can view it here. It's a neat way of automatically stringing the photos together.

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