The Birthday Planter

With Labor Day upon us, I'm in for a three (3) day weekend of shop mornings interrupted by afternoon parties. On Sunday, the afternoon party will be a birthday party for my mom, who's actual birthday is next Wednesday.

Since planning ahead isn't always one of my strong suites, I didn't think about what I would get her until earlier this week. After mulling it over for a day or two (2) I remembered that in the spring she had asked me to make her a planter. I figured, I have two (2) half days of shop time before her party. Why not start a new project?

I'm not sure which catalog my Mom found this planter in.

I flipped through my notebook and found the catalog image she gave me. It shows a long planter which is 18" deep, 72" long and about mid-thigh high, according to my mom.

This sketch and notes should get me through the build.

On Thursday night I took the photo and turned it into a sketch and order list. After a quick trip to Lowe's for the ACQ the planter will be made from, I'm now ready to go.

That pile of lumber is a planter. It just doesn't know it yet.

This will be a simple, pocket hole and face screwed project. I'm hoping to get it done on Saturday morning. If things go poorly, I'll still have Sunday morning so I should be OK no matter what.

I hope you're enjoying your Labor Day weekend and getting some time in the shop.

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