The Woodshop Widget is Back!

Kenneth Woodruff developed my favorite woodworking app, The Woodshop Widget. As he describes it:
The Woodshop Widget is a rich collection of wood-related utilities, ranging from board volume calculation to shellac mixing aids, squareness testing and many other goodies. It is useful in woodworking as well as in DIY and construction/contracting projects. It contains a wide range of functionality that handles many tedious tasks simply and clearly, and extensive information on 288 species of wood.

There was plenty of hoopla when the original iOS version came out. In 2012 he created the Android version and made a truly useful application I've used in the shop many times. We had him on the MWA Podcast to discuss it. Kenneth was so on top of things that he actually fixed the web version of the Woodshop Widget while were recording.

Alas, there was a hiccup when I (and others) upgraded my phone. It seems some changes under the skin of Android 4.4 didn't play so well with the Widget, and the Widget stopped working.
The Wood Movement Calculator in the Woodshop Widget.

Thankfully Kenneth has been hard and work and I can now attest that the updated Woodshop Widget works great on modern Android (I'm currently running it on 4.4.2). Don't let the bad ratings in the Play Store fool you. They reflect the Widget prior to the the update. It's now back to being the best woodworking app out there.

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