The Sucking, Part IV

Over the last few weeks I've detailed my "quick & dirty" installation of my Dust Boy dust collector. This past weekend, I was finally able to setup the exhaust hose.

A hose goes in and now a hose goes out.

Because I was disappointed by the amount of chips I found in the dust bag I decided to eliminate it for now. Instead of having the dust collector exhaust into a filter bag that's probably 30+ microns, it now exhausts via what was the original intake hose. It's a 6" flex duct which I've rigidly mounted to the wall. At the end I fit a standard sheet metal fitting for a home heating grill. With the installation of a quick sheet metal hook, the exhaust hose easily snaps into place and blows out behind the bushes in front of the house. It's not ideal, but It's better than blowing into the shop.

Out of the shop and into the garden.

For the summer, I don't see any big issue exhausting into the bushes. Come winter, blowing all that air outside will be a huge heat sink. Before it comes to that I have two upgrades I need to make.

First, I need to install a <1 micron pleated filter. There are a few designs to retrofit this type of filter onto the dust boy, and the folks at Wynn Environmental have been nice enough to show me a few.

The second thing I need to do is add a Super Dust Deputy. After seeing how wonderfully it work for Todd Clippinger, I think it'll be just the thing to keep the dust in the bin before it ever gets to the filter. Otherwise, my new fine pleated filter will just clog up.

Until then, my bushes will be getting dusty.

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