The Power To Suck

Setting up the dust collector hasn't been as easy as I'd figured. After taking it down from the attic I had issues with power, having to connect a new circuit and re-wire the dust collector itself (adding a switch).

Finally setup and sucking.

With that work done, I was left deciding on which type of hose to use. For the last week I've been using the 6" flex hose which came with the dust collector. While I know rigid ducting is better, and I will certainly use rigid ducting when I settle on a home in my shop for the beast, for now I'll be using flex hose to temporarily connected the dust collector from one machine to another.

On looking into it I was very disappointed by the availability of 6" hose & accessories. I wasn't sure if I was better off with the air volume of 6" hose or the convenience and air velocity of 4". After mulling it over for a few days I sent in the question to Shop Talk Live. Thankfully, the boys over at Fine Woodworking agreed with my conclusion that the powerful dust collector and short hose run meant either hose size would cut it.

Shop Talk Live #63

Today the new 4" Dust Right hose and accessories arrived from Rockler. After using the dust collector for the past few days and switching the hose connected by hose clamps, I'm eager to put the Dust Right hose to use. Hopefully this week will see it suck as I continue working on the Funeral Chair.

The new dust collector hose is here!
The new dust collector hose is here!

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