Sucking, Part III

It's Monday night as I write this and already it's been a long week. I've just finished work and alas, there's no time to head out to the shop now. Looks like this dust collector setup will be a four part post.

Soon enough, it'll be sucking with the best of them.
Though I've not yet finished the setup I have managed to connect the Dust Right fittings onto each tool and to the dust collector itself. Fitting them on the tools was easy. I simply slid them over the integral 4" male ports and tightened the included hose clamp. The dust collector was only a little more work, but because I had to go out and buy a piece of duct, it seemed like a lot more.

The tools of connecting the adapter.

The issue was the size. As the Dust Right hose is 4" and the dust collector intake is 6" I had to use an adapter. Since the damn adapters are male on both sides, I needed a length of 6" duct to connect the 6" male fitting on the dust collector to the 6" male fitting on the adapter.

A happy connection between dust collector and adapter.

Though that setup completed the intake end, I wasn't content. After hearing Mike Pekovich talk about eliminating the filter bag and simply blowing the exhaust air out of the open door, I decided I would. I'm glad I did. When I took the filter off, I was surprised by how much dust was inside. I had assumed that more would be trapped in the drum.

The dust collector with intake and exhaust hoses fit.

I still need to finish the ducting to exhaust the dust collector out the front. Then I'll have it up and running until it gets too cold to work with the door open. By then I hope to have installed a  less than 1 micron pleated filter and a Super Dust Deputy to help minimize the dust with re-enters the shop.

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