Listen Up, Damn It!

Many of you may know that I drive about 30,000 miles a year, back and forth across Long Island and the NYC metro area for work as a commercial construction project manager. During that time, I burn through audio. It takes a constant supply of Tech, News, History & Humor podcasts plus regular audio book listening to keep the time filled.

Since It's inception, I've loved to listen to Wood Talk Show. As the original audio woodworking podcast, Marc, Matt and now Shannon have brought the joy of the woodshop to my drive time. They guys all know what they're doing and there's a reason they're so prominent in the online community.

Though you take a big step down in fomality, Chris, Tom and I have been at this audio game a while now and with the Modern Woodworkers Association Podcast hitting the two (2) year mark last February, I'd like to think we've reached a base level of competency with this whole podcast thing. We certainly don't take ourselves as serious as the WTO crew do, but we have some good conversation. Yes, I do actually listen to each episode. Hearing yourself be an idiot gets easier over time.

Publishing almost as long as we have, and running a few episodes more due to better recording schedule consistency, Ed, Matt, Mike and Asa at Fine Woodworking's Shop Talk Live put together a great podcast of discussing listener questions, tips, tools and techniques with a bit snark, that I for one appreciate. I am from New York after all.

Leh's a lawyer by day.

Relatively new to the audio woodworking world is Leh at The Avid Woodworker. Leh is a woodworker in Georgia who's audio podcast features the issues he encounters and solutions he comes up with while working in his shop making "Useful Works of Art." Leh also has some great interviews with fellow woodworkers. To boot, he's an +Modern Woodworkers Association Atlanta chapter member.

Another new audio podcast filled with great interviews is The Craftsman's Road by Cory. He's focusing on interviewing woodworkers who make there living woodworking. It's a great take on an woodworking audio podcast and he's already had some great interviews.

It did. I was a cool kid.

While those five (5) are the woodworking audio podcasts I listen to regularly, no list of woodworking audio podcasts would be complete without Modern Woodshop by Dave Noftz. Dave put out 52 roughly hour long episodes by himself at a rate of almost 1 per week in 2008 and 2009. Dave's work was amazing and his insight into woodworking brilliant. Dave is the biggest reason I jointed the online woodworking community in the first place. He's the reason my blog is Penultimate Woodshop instead of Penultimate Workshop. I'm not aware of a anywhere you can currently download or stream Modern Woodshop. That's a damn shame. If anyone does know, please let me know. I'd love to promote Dave's work to a new generation of online woodworkers.

Those are the woodworking audio podcasts I listen to. If you're a woodworker I think they're all worth your listen.

If you know of any other audio podcasts on woodworking, please let me know. I'd love to add them to this list and help spread the word. We're a community, after all.

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