Any Double Entendre About Sucking

Last week I wrote about setting up the 220v line for my dust collector. After a few days for frustration, I'm happy to report I now have the line finished and the cord on the dust collector rewired also. This gives me a separate 220v line to run the dust collector on and enough cord to place it just about anywhere in the shop.

Some day, this will suck.

While I was wiring the new cord, I also added a switch. For a reason I can't figure out, the collector didn't come with one when I got it.

The switch was just as important at the cord.

Now that the dust collector has power and a switch, I have to start worrying about hoses. As I discussed on this week's MWA Podcast, I'm not sure what type of hose I'll use for the temporary setup. Either I'll go with a 6" hose for maximum air volume, or a 4" hose which will compromise volume for velocity. As it'll be a short, direct to tool run, I'm leaning more towards the 4" hose, as there are many more choices in the world of 4".

Hopefully setting up this dust collector will carry it's weight as this temporary setup has already taken much longer and cost more than I had anticipated.

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