Window to the Rescue

When I began the shop renovation almost 5 years ago I began by ripping out the rotted windows. Though I only ripped out two (2), I installed three (3). The third window was a 12" double hung, the narrowest window Marvin made in the same style and height as the other two.

That little window does a big job.

I installed the third window on the south wall opposite my garage door. It's installed as tightly to the corner as the framing would allow. Though I should have known better (it is south facing), I was immediately impressed by how much additional natural light this small window allows.

I should have known better, had I thought about it. I didn't think about it because that is not why the third window was installed.

I installed the third window where I did because it lines up with my miter saw table. With the window open, it allows me to cut boards up to 30' long (at which point they would hit my neighbor's garage).

Over the last two (2) weekends opening this window has allowed me to use my miter saw (which is just about centered along a 20' wall) to take 1/2" off of the end of 12' 2x6s in order to establish a clean an square edge. This is not a need I have often, but when I do, the window is fantastic!

With the window, I can handle any cross cut.

A need I do have much more frequently is cooling off. This is another area where the small window on the south wall comes in handy. Because it's directly across from the garage door, it allows for a cross draft. In order to boost the cross draft I've even added a fan. It blows towards the garage door, using the window as a feed. While it's not quite AC, it does get the air in the whole shop moving and takes the edge off.

The fan hangs on cleats I screwed into the wall.
From the back corner, the fan blows fresh air from the window
across the entire shop.

If your shop has exposed studs, or if you're not intimidated by a little tearing up of a finished wall, I'd highly recommend a window across from your garage door. Especially if it adds to a saw's capacity.

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