Practical Woodworking

Lately I've been on a kick of practical, rather than fine woodworking projects. Last week before heading out to a friend's wedding I had to build another quick project.

The blue test board.

This weekend, my son was contributing in his art class's exhibit in Central Park. One of the pieces he made was a small sculpture of a saxophone made from the parts of a dissembled laser printer.

While plastic, wire & glue make a good representation of a saxophone, they don't hold themselves up. That's were some scrap copper pipe and a scrape finishing test board came in. While I had decided that the blue dye didn't work for the backpack rack I'm making, the blue dyed sample board was a perfect base for the sax stand. With a quick trip to the drill press the stand was done and the sculpture ready to go. Sometimes it's the quickest and simplest projects that are the most rewarding. I'm sure the properly presented saxophone sculpture will be the hit of the art show.

The finished saxophone stand.

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