FWW Comes To The Masses

For the last few years, every time I've met an editor from +Fine Woodworking or +Fine Homebuilding I've whined and whined and whined. Though Taunton has had iPad versions of their magazines for a long time, we in the Android world had been left out in the cold, forced to read our Fine Woodworking on Paper!

The Fine Woodworking Announcement.

Finally, that grievous wrong has been righted and you can now read Fine Woodworking (& Fine Homebuilding) on Android.

I've installed the application on my Moto X and had good success. I was able to read through the entire current issue featuring the cool Michael Fortune chair. It's not quite as good an experience as the native magazine format used by Google Newstand (which +Popular Woodworking uses), but it's absolutely readable and has the convenience of the full magazine in my pocket.

The Fine Woodworking Android application.

Unfortunately, I've heard from others and from the reviewers in the Google Play Store that there are issues with the app. Many people have had it crash and not been able to use it. I've not experienced any of theses issues. Hopefully Taunton is able to fix it soon. I want to be able to recommend this to everyone.

Also, I've also been using the Windows 8 Metro Fine Woodworking application since it was released, and it works great.

The Fine Woodworking Windows 8 application.

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