3½ Chairs

I like the Fine Woodworking compilation books. I know they’re just re-purposed magazine articles, but for the topics I’m interested in it’s convenient to have a number of articles with a  common theme collected together in one, easy to reference source.

I was excited to order this book.

I was excited when Fine Woodworking: Tablesand Chairs was recently released. As my reader may know, I’ve been a bit obsessed with chairs lately and I figured a collection of Fine Woodworking chair articles would be great. Alas, when I received the book from Amazon I found that it should have been called Fine Woodworking: 13 Tables and 3½ Chairs (one is a bench and I’m only counting it as ½ a chair).

I was disappointed to find this.

This was terribly disappointing. While I like tables as much as the next guy, when I purchased the book I felt it was reasonable to assume that about ½ the articles would be about chairs. Even 1/3 would have been ok. Instead I found that only 7/34 were about the topic I cared about. And of those, only 2 of the 3½ had any relevance on something I might actually make. For a Taunton book, I found this to be an abnormally low interest level.

Though I was disappointed, the two (2) chair articles I did find interesting were fantastic and I don’t want to count Taunton out. This kind of disappointment is far from the norm with their books and I’m happy to give them another chance. Hopefully they next compilation books will be a bit more transparent in naming.

I have two roofing articles in this excellent Taunton compilation.
Buy a few dozen. I may someday receive a royalty.

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