Sculpting with the Coach

+Andy Chidwick has been a friend for a few years. He's a wonderful woodworking who runs a school in Montana specializing in sculpted woodworking. If you've attended The Woodworking Shows over the past few years you've probably seen Andy giving presentations on his design, joinery and his sculpting techniques.

Andy teaches joinery at The Woodworking Shows
in New Jersey earlier this year.

In addition to his physical school (The Chidwick School) in the Bitterroot Valley, Andy has a relatively new online school, The Woodworking Coach.

+The Woodworking Coach offers step by step video tutorials of multiple projects each year. This past Monday Andy opened up one of the Q&A sessions to the public to demonstrate the some of the techniques taught in the videos.
These stunning pieces are typical of Andy's style and craftsmanship.

In the Q&A Andy reviews rough shaping and smoothing. He takes viewers through a variety of power shaping tools and the proper technique for each. He then finished with a discussion on fairing the line.

While I'm a rote amateur compared to Andy, I've played with sculptural work a bit myself and his techniques have come it quite handy. I feel his discussion of fairing is the most important as properly faired lines are what will turn an awkwardly shaped piece into a flowing piece of beauty.

After the video be sure to check out The Woodworking Coach for more.

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