Pop Wood Webinars To The Masses

While I was at Woodworking in America 2013 I had the pleasure to meet with +Dan Farnbach. Since then, we've kept in touch about the online efforts he's spearheading for +Popular Woodworking.

One of the big projects he's been working on premiers next week with the Router Basics Live Web Seminar hosted by Colin Knect of WoodWorkWeb.com. It's going to be an hour long live paid webinar.

This is the first of what Dan and Pop Wood hope will be a series of live webinars and online courses. After you buy your pass you can participate live with questions for Colin as he's presenting. The entire webinar will also be recorded for anyone who wants to go back and review or for those who sign up after it has taken place.

Given the topic of Router Basics, having a recorded version you can go back and reference should come in very hand.

This looks to be an interesting format and I'm excited to see how it works for a woodworking presentation.

You can learn more about the Router Basics Live Web Seminar and sign up here.

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