Lill's Quilt Rack: Part XI, Assembly

I assembled Lill’s Quilt Rack in stages. I began by gluing the rear and middle legs together for each side. With this dry I glued the front leg to the rear/middle combo. The assembled sides were then glued to the shelf and cross pieces.

Step 1: I began by gluing up the rear leg assemblies.
Step Two: The right side legs, post glue up.
Step Three: The sides were glued to the shelf and cross pieces.

With those simple steps the quilt rack was assembled. For as many challenges as this project had, the glue up was not one of them.

To reinforce the leg to shelf joints, I installed one (1) Miller dowel through each leg into the base. Though made from the same wood as the legs, these dowels are clearly visible. I’m not sure if they add or detract from the aesthetics. Regardless, I feel that the strength they add makes them well worth installing.

Miller Dowels reinforce the leg-to-shelf joint.

Now it was time to finish flaring the legs.

First I flared the front (Tiger Maple) legs where they had been left square to fit in the joints cut in the middle and rear legs. Due to space restrictions I couldn’t use the RAS 115 in these joints. All the work had to be done with the Shinto, Auriou and Gramercy rasps. Where the rounded section of the leg transition to the square section in the joint I used my Gramercy rat tail rasp to create a tight curving transition. After finishing the first joint I began covering the adjoining Walnut leg with blue tape to minimize scratching.

It was only after they were glued together that I could
shape the leg-to-leg joints.

To curve and flair the cross pieces into the legs I used my Foredom rotary tool with a medium grit Kutzall head. I used this to create the rough curve on the flaring sections. Then, as I’ve said so many times before, I used my Shinto, Auriou and Gramercy rasps to ease and further flare the curve. For the cross pieces, this was especially important where the flaring sections met the previously shaped sections of the legs and cross pieces.
The cross piece faired into the leg.

The rough work of the cross piece to leg fairing was done
with my Foredom and a Kutzall bit.

Now that the rack is assembled and the shaping is complete, next time we'll sand. And then, sand some more.

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