Fine Woodworking? Rough Carpentry? Just Build.

The sculpted quilt rack I recently finished was arguably the finest piece of furniture I've ever built. It took almost 80 hours of careful work to produce a piece that not only provides utility, but is also art.

Lill's Quilt Rack

As is true of any woodworker, my skills have increased with each project and my own expectations and standards have risen accordingly.  To continue using the quilt rack as an example, the first one I build only a few years ago seemed phenomenal to me at the time. Now it's nice, but a bit plain.

Cathy's Quilt Rack.

My projects have evolved to the point where I spend as much time as is needed to produce a piece that meets my personal standards. Sometimes as much time as is needed is too long. Sometimes there is no time and sometimes the project simply doesn't warrant the investment. Not every project needs to be passed on to our children.

Such a project will come to life in my shop today. I have one day (interrupted by a 3 hour art lesson for my son) to build a picnic table while my wife is away. While this should be easy (there's basically no joinery), I'm feeling a bit cocky and may try to make a planter too.

There's a picnic table in there somewhere.

These are both quick, utilitarian projects. I'm looking forward to a simple build which will show results by the end of the day. Sometimes you just need to get out and build something.

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