Lill's Quilt Rack: Part V, The Needed Shelf

Once I had routed all six legs even with the templates I turned to the shelf.

The leg blanks for the left side.

The shelf was made from the same tiger maple stock as the front legs. I milled four (4) pieces S4S and laid then out in different arrangements until I was happy with the pattern made by the grain. I then glued them up as a typical panel glue up.

After glue up the next step was to cut the shelf to size. I made it 24" x 24". As long as you're close the exact size doesn't matter. The cross bars will be relative dimensioned off of the shelf later. The exact size is not critical.

It's a very straightforward panel glue up.

The cuts were made with a track saw and my lovely 26" Woodpeckers try square. I tried to take equal amounts off each side in order to keep the panel seems symmetrical. After cutting to size I set the cutoffs aside, as they will come in handy later.

A big square is big handy.

With the shelf finished, I set it aside on stickers to allow air movement around it. This proved more important that I would have thought as accidentally leaving it directly on my table saw one night resulted in cupping. Luckily once I re-stickered it the sides reached equilibrium again and it flattened out.

Now that my legs and shelf were ready, it was time to begin laying out the joints.

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