A Chair! A Chair!

It has come. The spring Wood Whisperer Guild project is a Morris Chair.

The chair and ottoman the Guild is building.

If you've been following this blog, you know I've been raving about wanting to build a chair since last summer. Ever since reading Jeff Miller's Chairmaking and Design I've been obsessed with making a chair. I've vacillated since then about what kind of chair to make, but never about whether or not to make a chair.

Though the Morris Chair has never been on my must build list, I don't think I'll be able to pass up this guild build. After all, every guild built has two (2) things that make it wonderful, no matter what the actual project is. First, you get +Marc Spagnuolo's wonderful step by step instructions and second, you get to build as a group. The community which develops around a guild build is something wonderful. If you've not yet participated in one, you should just for the community.

I think the cured back is the best part of the chair design the Guild is building.

May 2nd is quickly approaching. Be sure to sign up for the guild before then so you don't miss out on this wonderful chair.

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